Whittier-Lyndhurst-Washington TOD Housing Groundbreaking

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Fairmount/Indigo Corridor Collaborative

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Federal Sustainable Communities Partnership

Since 2004, the Fairmount/Indigo Line CDC Collaborative has been organizing with hundreds of residents, small businesses and community partners to create more healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities linked by the Fairmount Commuter Rail Line that runs through three neighborhoods in Boston, Massachusetts—DorchesterMattapan, and Hyde Park. The Collaborative is using the model of “Urban Villages” as it integrates new housing, commercial uses, open space and jobs centers all within walking distance to the rail stations.

This rail line once had 11 stations that served the surrounding growing neighborhoods. However, in the past 60 years, service eroded and most of the stations closed following major economic and population changes in the City. Now, 90,000 predominantly low- and moderate-income residents live in these ethnically diverse neighborhoods. They have the longest commuting times in the City of Boston, and the Fairmount Line, with very infrequent service, has the lowest ridership in the commuter rail system.

The Collaborative is waging a campaign with many partners and allies to expand the service on the Fairmount Line and to create new economic opportunities that will benefit those living within the Fairmount Corridor and the region.


Collaborative Members

The Collaborative is proud to partner with the Federal Sustainable Communities Partnership