If you’ve ever wanted a chance to vote early and often, here it is!  We need your votes, lots of them!
And attend the Pep Rally for the Competition,
Saturday, October 7th
Pierce Building
594 Columbia Rd., Dorchester
Uphams’s Corner Main Street, with its partners Dorchester Bay EDC and Historic Boston, is one of 25 finalists nationally for a Partners in Preservation grant.  It will support transforming the old Comfort Station into the Sip and Spoke Bike Kitchen and enable preservation work on the historic Pierce Building.
Click here –  Vote for Uphams Corner Projects — or  at the bottom of the attached flyer  to get to the website to be able to vote –early and often!! Daily in fact till end of the month.   You get 5 votes each time you vote, each day through October 31st, no matter where you live.  So please vote every day this month starting today.  We need to be one of the top ten vote getters to secure the grant.  (It takes a few minutes to get logged in and confirmed, but once done you can vote every day! 5x per day!)
Any questions?  Please call Dorchester Bay EDC at 617-825-4200.

Vote for Uphams Corner Projects _Spoke Bike Kitchen Pierce Bldg (1) Vote for Uphams Corner Projects _Spoke Bike Kitchen Pierce Bldg (1)