If you would like to contribute to the Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative, you can make a secure donation through Paypal

Your support helps us to achieve our goals through:

Development without Displacement. Securing homes for more than 3,000 low and moderate income people by building and preserving affordable, energy efficient housing in walking distance to stations. Protecting available affordable housing for existing residents through anti-displacement organizing and policy solutions.

Increase Economic Opportunities. Creating 800+ new jobs through development and new business attraction. Helping to secure decent jobs for to 400 Corridor job seekers through the Job Referral Network and other programs.

Promote Transit Equity. Working with our many partners to make sure the Fairmount/Indigo Line works for residents by maintaining affordable fares, increasing service levels and improving connections to other transit services.

Create the Fairmount Greenway. Expanding and improving community green space and opportunities for increased walking and bicycling, fostering fun street activities and healthier living.

Empower Our Communities. Engaging 500+ residents in active participation in organizing campaigns and community planning efforts and building 50 new leaders committed to improving the Fairmount neighborhoods.

We are grateful for your support!   Thank you!