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Columbia Road – Proposed 5th Station

The Fairmount Collaborative advocates for a 5th station to be added at this Dorchester location in light of major redevelopment in the area in recent years, including the Quincy Heights multi-family development and the Bornstein and Pearl Small Business Center.



quincy-heights_mass-housingQuincy Heights Housing.
This 129-apartment completed major renovations with new construction in December 2014, creating a scattered site multi-family property in 16 buildings. Using substantial green sustainable design, the development and has brought new stability and new pride to the Quincy Corridor neighborhood. Dorchester Bay EDC worked with partners like Project RIGHT, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Quincy/Geneva Housing Corporation to build out a plan that has strengthened the residential character of this neighborhood. The project had received a $20.5million HUD Choice Program award through the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development and was the first Choice project to be completed in the nation.

bornstein-pearl-small-food-businesses-1The Bornstein and Pearl Small Business Center opened in 2014 and transformed a 2-acre former vacant commercial property into a multi-tenant and shared-use healthy and fresh food production facility. Developed by Dorchester Bay EDC and Commonwealth Kitchen, the project includes a shared commercial kitchen incubator and a food truck commissary and other larger spaces. The project now has 31 businesses with 178 jobs, with close to 35% who live in the surrounding neighborhoods.