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Talbot Station 

The first new station opened in November 2012—and is now an anchor within the 13-block Talbot Norfolk Triangle, Eco-Innovation District (EID). Codman Square NDC and TNT Neighbors United spearhead the EID project including new energy efficient TOD projects, energy retrofits for residents, new green infrastructure, renewable energy, water conservation, sustainable food systems, and promoting safe bicycling and walking. The Codman Square Business District is nearby. The EID is the first-of-its-kind project in the City of Boston–using the LEED-ND rating system as an organizing principle.



levedo-good-angle-full1-350x245The Levedo Building is a new 24-unit mixed-use building constructed on the site of a former auto-related vacant property that was first demolished. The development is at the doorstop of the new Talbot Station and is LEED Certified, including solar panels and stormwater recycling.



CSNDC-Washington,-Whittier-groundbreak-shovelsWhittier/Lyndhurst/Washington includes new construction, rehab and historic preservation for a combined 44-unit development with ownership and rental units. Residents can walk to the Talbot Station and the Four Corners/Geneva Avenue Station. The development is achieving high sustainability standards as LEED Certified and Enterprise Green Communities.

oasisOasis on Ballou Avenue –an “Urban Agriculture and Social Enterprise” multi-use project that is fostering intergenerational healthy food growing, nutritional cooking classes, and potential local food social enterprises. The project provides employment for men of color through collaborating projects.



Elmhurst Park
elm-hurst-park-banner This community playground and park was completed with the hard work of neighbors in the Talbot Norfolk Triangle Neighbors United, Codman Square NDC, The Trust for Public Land and others. The site will be part of the Fairmount Greenway.