Development Without Displacement

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Development Without Displacement

Secure homes and economic opportunity for more than 2,000 low and moderate-income and minority residents by using transit-oriented-development to build and preserve affordable, energy efficient housing within walking distance of station stops along the MBTA Fairmount/Indigo Line.

Keep Fairmount/Indigo communities affordable and prevent displacement of existing residents due to market pressures and rising housing prices by organizing for policies, services and expanded resources to protect and expand affordable housing.



  • We have created new energy efficient homes for 1,600 low- and moderate-income residents through new construction, preservation and rehabilitation. All units are within walking distance to a Fairmount/Indigo station and local businesses.
  • We have leveraged over $107M in private and public investments in new TOD affordable and mixed-income housing in walking distance to stations
  • The 129 unit Quincy Heights project was the first HUD Choice project in the nation to be completed in 2015
  • The 24 unit Levedo Homes was built to LEED Silver standards reflecting our commitment to and state of the art sustainable building technologies

Current priorities

  • By 2018, we aim to house 2,000 people completing 306 more homeowner and rental housing units.
  • Advocacy for a Just Cause Eviction Ordinance in the Boston City Council
  • Organizing to pass the Community Preservation Act in Boston to increase funding for affordable housing