Increase Economic Opportunities

Increase Economic Opportunities2017-03-07T16:19:28-05:00

Increase Economic Opportunities

Build strong relationships with major employers and small businesses along the Fairmount/Indigo Line and increase access to stable, higher paying jobs by existing Fairmount Corridor job seekers. Generate economic development opportunities through commercial and mixed-use transit-oriented-development and small business lending and assistance.



  • A new Jobs Platform endorsed by multiple partners increases hiring goals for women, minorities and local residents on construction jobs to: 51% local, 51% minority hires, 30% MBE and 10% WBE. These standards are being met or exceeded in Fairmount Corridor TOD projects.
  • Over 120,000 square feet of commercial space has been created or is in pre-development.
  • Nearly 800 new construction jobs and jobs in new small businesses being created
  • The new 35,000 sf Bornstein and Pearl Food Production Center now has 26 small businesses employing over 80 people—roughly half of them local residents.

Current priorities

  • Promote the new Fairmount/Indigo Job Referral Network to increase access to decent jobs and greater financial resilience for Corridor residents.
  • Build relationships with employers accessible via the Fairmount/Indigo line such as Newmarket Community Partners and businesses in Readville/Hyde Park and beyond.
  • Identify jobseekers in the Corridor and refer to job openings or job search training and assistance services with JVSCareer Solutions, and Boston Career Link.
  • Coordinate with the Fairmount Indigo Network economic development initiatives
  • Contact: Dara Frederick, Business Employment Specialist at / 617-533-9567