Jobs and Training Opportunities- The Job Referral Network

Jobs and Training Opportunities- The Job Referral Network2017-03-07T16:19:25-05:00

The Fairmount Corridor Job Referral Network is helping job seekers in the Fairmount Corridor to access to employment and achieve greater financial resilience for residents of the Fairmount Corridor. The program is an exciting partnership between the Fairmount Indigo CDC Collaborative, major employers along the Fairmount Indigo Line and local workforce development agencies–Boston Career Link and JVSCareerSolution.

Dara Frederick, the Business Employment Specialist, builds relationships with employers at the Newmarket Business District in Roxbury through Newmarket Community Partners and  in Readville/Hyde Park to identify current job openings and ongoing needs in a central database.

The Collaborative CDC members reach out to jobseekers through their programs and community organizing  and refer them to job openings,  training programs and jobsearch assistance through Boston Career Link.

If you or someone you know is looking for new employment  accessible by the Fairmount Indigo line, contact the CDC member closest to you:

If you are an employer with job opportunities, Contact: Dara Frederick, Business Employment Specialist at / 617-533-9567