The Fairmount Neighborhoods

The Fairmount Neighborhoods2017-03-07T16:19:28-05:00

The Fairmount Neighborhoods

The-Cornerstone-spring-2015-group-shot_circleThe Fairmount Corridor is a half-mile area around the Fairmount Commuter Line from Newmarket Station south to Readville Station. It includes parts of Dorchester, Mattapan and Hyde Park. The Corridor is home to an ethnically diverse population of 93,000. 61% are black or African American, while 16% speak Spanish as a first language. More than half of Boston residents of Caribbean descent and 65% of Bostonians with roots in Cape Verde live here.

The people of the Corridor face many challenges to family life, public safety and economic opportunity, such as: low high school graduation rates, scarcity of affordable, fresh food, obesity, diabetes, and respiratory diseases, and crime. The Corridor also has the highest concentration of city-owned vacant lots. Many residents must work multiple jobs to get by, while others face prolonged unemployment. The statistics are daunting:

  • 40%+ of households earn less than $40,000 per year (vs . Boston’s median household income of $50,684).
  • 20% of families live below the poverty line, including 35% of children under 17 years old.
  • 10% unemployment in 2005–2009, vs. 6% for the rest of Boston.

Nonetheless, Fairmount neighborhoods are rich with assets—chiefly, the cultures, creativity and resilience of their residents. Other key organizations serving these communities, include the following:

Arts, Culture and Eco-Entrepreneurs

Community Centers

Community Health Centers